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I have decided once again to make my posts friends only.

Comment if you wish to be added, but remember I cannot add everyone, so feel free to read through my past entries.


You are such a fucktard. I am making my posts friends only because since LJ has abolished invite codes, there are a bunch of stupid spammers leaving comments on my journal. You can't see them because I screen all non-friend's comments by default.

So again, Fuck off!
I'd like to be on your friends list as you're on mine. I realize we don't know each other in RL, and if you don't want to add me, that's fine because I know it creeps some people out for someone they don't personally know to read their protected entries. I went to school with crzlauren for a year or so (though she prolly doesn't remember me :P) and I have a class with her sister Kelly. So...in a twisted way, I know a friend of yours.

But yeah. Consider it.
ta da!
Thankee :P


So...I'm wondering if you even remember me? If you don't read and reply I will haunt you forever;). haha. I'm kidding. but hey, I hope you remember me. I've been reading through my old journal entries, and reading your posts on them...and It got me kinda missing you. You were a good person to talk to, and I miss talking to you. So, I DO hope you remember, and will talk to me, sometime. OK? Remember...Surfer Dude...? hehe. Anyway, please reply: or send an email to me, k? madmansavage@yahoo.com
**and you took me off of your friends list, too. ...That's my fault, though, I'm sure, right?**

Re: Tabs.

Hey dude. I remember you. I think I deleted you because you didn't post or something. Welcome back to the friends list.

March 2009

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