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Michael and I decided not to buy the mobile home. It kinda sucks, but it didn't make sense to be buying a $120,000 (including furniture, septic tank, well, ect.) at 14% interest with $1,200 payments every month. If we paid every payment as scheduled, we would have paid over $300,000 for it! We weren't even 100% approved for the loan either. Our 10 acres had to be appraised for at least $9,500 an acre. And it was doubtful that was going to happen...

Another reason it was a bad idea to buy this house at this time: Michael and I only had  (yes that says "had" more about that later though) on car. That means I would have to bum rides to and from work every day until we saved enough to buy a second car. Well, you can imagine how hard it would be to save any money when you are making $1,200 house payments along with your car payment, electricity, insurance and other bills.

So we broke the deal. But it wasn't even final so it wasn't really a deal in the first place. It certainly wasn't a deal!

I know we have spent a lot of money on permits, renaming the road, clearing a few acres and all that hassle, but those are things that had to have been done eventually. So it wasn't a waste of money. It was more like an investment!

Well.. back to that "had thing". Mike and I had one car. Well now we have 2! We took part of the refunded down payment for the house and made a downpayment on another (almost new) car!

Its so nice! It's a Red 2005 Honda S2000 with only 4500 miles on it! Did I mention convertible?

Not a picture of our actual car, but that is what we bought.

And I get to drive around the Blue 2002 Honda Accord yay!

Again, not the actual car, but you get the idea.

But anyway we have been searching for somewhere to move to. We finally found a place, but it won't be available until Monday. OUr lease is up Friday... not a problem, we are going to stay with my mommy this weekend.

But we need help moving (see above pics of our vehicles). We need to move our furniture into storage by midnight Friday. And back out of storage sometime the next week. (Pref. Monday.)

This is the bulletin I posted begging for help:
Date: Dec 12, 2006 4:09 PM
Subject Truck Needed Thursday and/or Friday
Body: I need help moving Thursday and Friday. So if anyone has a truck and is free Thursday or Friday, give me a call. 295.2184 or 295.2185 (mikes#)

Big SUVs are good too.

I have a queen sized bedroom set, a bunch of boxes of clothes and kitchen stuff, a 42" LCD TV and a tv stand, and a recliner needing to be moved by midnight Friday.

Thursday I am off, but Mike is working, so I can move little stuff like the kitchen items, clothing, ect.

Friday I am working but Mike is off (and the lease is up so we HAVE to be out!). So that is when we will need to move .

Heck if you have a truck and are available before 3pm tomorrow I could use the help.

I will pay gas money, and provide some kind of cheap dinner (pizza and beer?) after we move in to the apartment. Which reminds me I will need help moving again sometime next week! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

plllleeeeeease help me!!

So yeah.. call me if ya can help!


Thanks! Its a fast car.. Michael got a speeding ticket las night.. I was so mad!

Of course I have an extra catalog. :) And I will be getting the foundation samples that I ordered for you to try sometime today. If the UPS man decides to bring them to me before I leave, I will bring them with me and a catalog to work. :) And if you have a chance to stop by, feel free. :)

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